About Us

About Us

Our History

Since early 2010, Brendan and Casey have tried their hand at a number of different ventures to secure themselves with passive income streams. While working their respective day jobs, they would meet nights and weekends to brainstorm ideas and bring them to fruition. With Brendan’s strong focus on overseas sourcing and Casey’s background in sales/marketing they found the perfect fit of selling their goods via Amazon.

After setting up their own seller account with a couple of private label products, they discovered that there was a huge community of sellers around the world, itching to get their products online. While everyone’s products were unique, it was obvious that all of these sellers had one thing in common: their disdain for sourcing their product through unknown vendors on sites like Alibaba. Because Brendan and Casey already had deep relationships with vendors both domestically and overseas, this presented an opportunity to work directly with other Amazon sellers in order to take away the headache and uncertainty from manufacturing their products.

Fast forward to today and they are now facilitating quality products to sellers across the globe, while also expanding their product offering. Brendan and Casey specialize in the full product lifecycle, from conceptualizing ideas and research, all the way to the consumer sale.

Our Team